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Ben Lovejoy. An enquiry has been opened in the UK into whether streaming music services like Spotify and Apple Music pay artists a fair royalty. Apple Music pays more than both Spotify and YouTube on a per-stream basis, but artists say that the amount they receive from all streaming services is just a small percentage of a tiny sum …. BBC News reports. But many artists say the payments they receive are negligible. The inquiry will begin in November, and is seeking evidence from industry experts, artists and record labels as well as streaming platforms themselves. That turned out to be because her music was recorded before digital rights were created as a distinct category in artist contracts, so her label was essentially able to choose how much to pay her. However, it is commonplace for musicians — especially lesser-known ones — to report receiving extremely small payments for hundreds of thousands of streams on services like Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube Music. Streaming services pay a small sum for each time a track is streamed. Per BBC figures, these are:.
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Reported per-stream payouts from top music streaming services updated for ; click to enlarge.
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Music streaming is now at the very center of the recording industry.

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Exactly how much streaming services pay out to musicians in royalties has always been a hot topic. In truth, there's no simple answer, but we'll try to explain how much your music could be earning in streaming royalties from platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and more as well as the different factors that affect royalty payments. There are lots of factors that affect how much money one stream is worth in royalties. The main factors include:. This makes things complicated when trying to predict what you'll earn in streaming royalties. Just choose a music platform, enter your predicted streams and check out the estimated royalties total in US dollars. But it does offer a nice ball-park figure to help you understand how much your streams are generally worth. As you can see, some music services pay out more than others. But keep in mind that some platforms with lower royalty rates may have more users and a wider reach. So a stream from certain platforms might actually be worth more in terms of reach, exposure and building your profile.

The disruptive effects of peer-to-peer file sharing had slashed music revenues in half, casting serious doubts over the future of the industry. Ringtones provided a brief earnings bump , but it was the growing popularity of premium streaming services that proved to be the savior of record labels and artists. In short, people showed they were still willing to pay for music. Although most forecasts show streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music contributing an increasingly large share of revenue going forward, recent data from The Trichordist reveals that these services pay out wildly different rates per stream. Note: Due to the lack of publicly available data, calculating payouts from streaming services is not an exact science. One would expect streaming services to have fairly similar payout rates every time a track is played, but this is not the case. In reality, the streaming rates of major players in the market — which have very similar catalogs — are all over the map. Below is a full breakdown of how many streams it takes to earn a dollar on various platforms:. Napster , once public enemy number one in the music business, has some of the most generous streaming rates in the industry. On the flip side of the equation, YouTube has the highest number of plays per song, but the lowest payout per stream by far.

Reported per-stream payouts from top music streaming services updated for ; click to enlarge. Based on information directly received from artists and indie labels, as well as various published sources, we can rank streaming music services according to their per-stream rate. Take a look. According to two sources — Information Is Beautiful and David Crosby — that number has steadily risen. Unlike its rivals, however, Napster remains a profitable streaming music service.

Nevertheless, the service had remained friendly to artists. Artists on Apple Music would need around , plays to earn the US monthly minimum wage amount.

With Apple closely guarding its user metrics, it remains unclear how much Apple Music loses each year on the service as well as per user. But fair warning: GPM is officially shutting down at the end of , so focusing your marketing efforts on the platform is probably unwise.

It remains unclear how many of those users will transition over to YouTube Music in Artists will need , total plays to earn the US monthly minimum wage amount.

Deezer reportedly has 16 million users, with around 9. As with Napster, Apple, and Google, Amazon closely guards its user metrics. Artists will now need around , total streams to earn the monthly minimum wage amount in the US. To earn the monthly minimum wage amount in the US, artists will need around 2,, total plays on YouTube. Trust us. Meaningless data. The per play rate is always a function of how much money each brand made for the period, divided by total plays.

If usage is low, per play rate can be high. So the per play rate must always be viewed with context, which you emitted. This is interesting data. Why is it almost impossible for artists to find accurate data on this? Ditto advertises as not taking a cut from payouts, same with DistroKid. Are they lying? Or is the data wrong or differs on per-case basis? Because the artists are being lied to and cheated out of millions of dollars in revenue and there is no real oversight to prevent this. Are those royalties from collection societies or are those the combined sum of those and those from record labels which they pay to the artists per stream.

Also how much money are paid to the record labels per stream. The German music industry just announced that music streaming was able to compensate for decreasing CD sales in Germany. It also should be pointed out, that the ad supported service Spotify and also YouTube offers was important to finally tackle the issue with illegal streaming and downloads. So, it might not be much but it is a lot more than 0. It would also be interesting how the payouts for ad supported and paid streams differ.

I agree with your Thomas B. This kind of approach is quite useless if it is unable to state the payment amounts by rights owner, I mean, how much goes to record labels no matter major or indie or self production , and how much to writers. This kind of approach should provide more accurate info to creators relating the wide range of situations and choices that we have to face in nowadays music industry. Nevertheless, I sincerely thank the effort of DMN for providing updated numbers every year.

If streaming services actually paid so much, then I would be a rich man, ha ha ha! I agree with others that these rates are completely useless, because each music store uses a lot of different rates for a single stream, depending on the service different subscriptions that the customer chooses… So rates can vary a lot within one streaming service. I distribute my recordings via TuneCore and thanks to detailed reports I know how different rates are, for example, in US Amazon, depending on the service offered Amazon Unlimited, Amazon Cloud, Amazon Premium these rates also differ within one service, depending on the service subscription plan.

So understanding and individual calculation of how much streaming services really pays the artist — is simply impossible …. I noticed this too! If you read further it shows pandora as one of the worst ones! I think it was a typo. Big typo mistake. It also depends on Pandora what format you are streamed on as to what rate you get.

Everybody just seems to pay what they want to pay per stream anyway…What can you do about it.. We streamed over million and Ingrooves sends us between Bottom line is the music streaming industry is extremely corrupt and destroying the arts. In 4 yrs no money. Everyone should take their music down until the get paid or bankrupt them. Pure illegal corruption and no protection whatsoever for Indie labels and artists.

Everyone is in their pockets. We must start downloading directly from the sites or the music industry is going to be destroyed permanently. Thank you for your work and also your comment. This needs more detail to be useful. These are US rates? These are for the master only? And your share of the song must be taken into account.

How accurate is this? I have seen about several different things on how much YouTube pays so im skeptical. Not really accurate. Just as an example, YouTube may have the lowest pay rates, but it is still used significantly more than Napster is. As a result, it may be that artists earn more money from YouTube than they do from Napster simply because of the amount of users.

But I personally only get 0. WTF is up with that last line? Im confused by the comments on Pandora which seem to be contradictory. Above you wrote they paid the highest last year. But below you write they paid among the lowest last year. As well as this year. Which is it? Its a pity that artists still are at the mercy of these streaming services and major global labels are still trying to manipulate the industry!

Not accurate. And they pay with a months delay! It gives you back common audio files so that you can save the music on your device for offline playing.

Home Feature Story. December 25, Napster has an extra 0? Should be 0. What about youtube? High you say…. I was wondering… also, omitted. What about the publishers? I left Ditto is unacceptable to ignore the request to remove an album from stores.

Useful data, thank you. I believe you…. Can you add Soundcloud to this considering there is Soundcloud Go? Where does Livexlive formerly Slacker fall in all of this?

Costs then more to send the check than what you get paid! You meant Napster. All this opaqueness in the industry! Well-raised issues by Jeff Price in this video. We need a better world! Go listen now! Is anyone gonna delete them?

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