Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder Extract

Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder Extract
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Important considerations when choosing Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder Extract


GET POWERFUL BULLETPROOF IMMUNITY Longevity Botanicals 50 Beta d-Glucans the highest available others 20 or less. Try for 90 days experience powerful immunity. Turkey Tail Mushrooms Supplements, Coriolus Trametes Versicolor, Holistic Defense, Inflammation, Stimulating Protective Compounds, PSP PSK, Gut IBS Digestion, Anti-Viral Anti Infection, Super Potent Immune Boosting Response Activators, Reduced Oxidative Stress Free Radicals, Prebiotics Digestive Enzymes, Antioxidants Myconutrients THE BRAND YOU CAN TRUST Longevity Botanicals Experts take your health seriously Our Organic products are highest quality USDA Certified. Lab Tested for heavy metals and toxins to ensure you get the healthiest Mushroom products. Certified Minimum 50 Beta D-Glucans the active ingredient you are seeking 100 Organic Fruiting Bodies No Mycelium No Filler Pure Powerful Potent. We post our Lab Tests and state Beta d-Glucan levels on label others won t as they have low levels HIGHEST VALUE - LOWEST COST How can you accurately identify real products with real value Look for a label that states Beta d-Glucan Levels Polysaccharide levels are meaningless as they can include growing medium of rice or grains Filler with ZERO medicinal value a waste of your money. Lab Certified Beta d-Glucan levels are all that counts Try it, whatever your goal improving career success, powerful student study aid, seniors memory support, sharper thinking, brain health. Ship USA SUPERIOR BIO-AVAILABILITY High Pressure Hot Water Extracted in State of Art Facilities for fullest potency. Beware Non Extracted Freeze Dried products are NOT Bio-Available Mushroom cell walls are made from indigestible fiber called chitin the same material a lobster shell. Hot water extraction is the only clinically validated method for making Beta d-Glucans Bio-Available not misleading terms like Full Spectrum, Whole Mushroom, Activated Freeze Dried, Fermented, Ground Powder. Truth PERFECT FOR SMOOTHIES SHAKES COFFEE TEA Our Organic Mushrooms Powder comes in airtight, light protected, resealable for freshness food grade envelope with dosage scoop. Blend easily into your favorite drink or recipe. Suitable for Cats Dogs. Natural Paleo Vegan Gluten Free Non-GMO Adaptogen Superfood. Use a single mushroom powder Nutritional Supplement or stack like an Anti-oxidant Adaptogenic Nootropic Neurohacker to look and feel younger better Lifespan Anti-Aging Life Extension Expectancy

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Do you know what is the superiority of this Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder Extract?


What would an extra year of healthy life be worth to you How about 5 or 10 years Invest in your health with Products That Work

Longevity Botanicals believes in Transparency. Just the facts, no marketing hype, double talk or hidden information. We respect you and want you to make an informed choice because your health, well-being and money are important.

Adult Strength With 50 Beta D-Glucans Viruses and Infections will be kept at bay so that every day is a Healthy Happy day.

Improving your health with Organic Mushroom Extracts could not be easier. Just stir them into your favorite foods and take advantage of their health benefits Because the Organic Mushrooms are already Hot Water Extracted, they will not be effected by further cooking, so get busy adding and get healthy

Make your Coffee, Tea and Hot Drinks work for you Adding some delicious Organic Mushroom Extract is easy and will power up your drink to carry you through your day and evening with energy and calm to spare .

Pump It Up Add some kick to your Smoothies, Pre Workout and Post Workout Drinks. Don t settle for an Ordinary Smoothie or Workout when you can have Extraordinary Who ever thought that supporting exceptional health could taste so good

Let your imagination run wild Adding Organic Mushroom Extracts to your cooking, baking, salads and recipes will keep you and your family living at a high level. Healthy snacks are no problem when you have added Organic Mushroom Extracts to the mix.

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This is my second time purchasing and WOW I ve been deailing with auto immune issues for two years and between turkey tail, lions mane and rhodiola I finally feel like I m healing. Thank you so much for this magic My bf also puts it in his coffee and love it. I truly believe in the healing power of mushrooms.

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