Low FODMAP Certified Vegan Protein Powder

Low FODMAP Certified Vegan Protein Powder
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LOW FODMAP DIET CERTIFIED The low FODMAP diet helps provide relief from uncomfortable digestive symptoms, like bloating and gas. This diet is often suggested for people with irritable bowel syndrome IBS . Those who are on the FODMAP diet avoid eating foods like milk, certain fruits, wheat, and other carbs. Our protein powder is a gut friendly low-FODMAP certified snack. INGREDIENTS Our low FODMAP certified vanilla protein powder contains pea protein isolate, organic hemp protein, sacha inchi protein, natural flavors, guar gum, milled chia seed, spirulina, stevia leaf extract, kelp powder, and dulse powder. Each ingredient plays an important part in the health benefits that can come from using our protein powder. HEALTHY SHAKE These protein shakes offer a high percentage of protein per serving, minimal carbohydrates, no sugar, no fat, no cholesterol, and low sodium. It can help give you a boost of energy in the middle of the day or after an intense workout. This delicious protein powder is ideal for pick-me-up any time of the day. BENEFITS Our Casa de Sante Low FODMAP Protein Powder supports muscle building and better recovery time in men and women. It can also help ensure smaller, non-immunogenic protein peptides are formed which helps lower inflammation in the body as indicated by decreased CRP levels. Another benefit is that digestive discomfort that is usually associated with protein consumption can be reduced. OTHER CASA DE SANTE PRODUCTS At Casa de Sante, we take pride in our work by selling the best FODMAP gourmet grocery options on the market. Low-FODMAP certified products, including seasoning mixes, vegetable stock, granolas, beverages, and more These products are lab tested and approved low in FODMAPs by the FODMAP Friendly Program in Australia, so you can eat with confidence.

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This 16 oz low FODMAP Certified, Gut Friendly Vegan Protein Vanilla Powder is your all-in-one plant-based low FODMAP protein shake. Gluten Free and made without dairy or any soy ingredients. All natural – no artificial ingredients, no artificial anything This is a high quality vegan protein powder, non-GMO, which has 21 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber per serving.

It is a source of protein derived from pea protein isolate, hemp protein, and sacha inchi protein and provides one of the highest percentages of protein per serving, minimal carbohydrates, and no fat. In addition, the product is diary-free, very low in sodium, and free of cholesterol. Our protein powder helps ensure that smaller, non-immunogenic protein peptides are formed which helps lower inflammation in the body as indicated by decreased CRP levels. This powder also helps reduce discomfort such as gas, diarrhea, and bloating which are often associated with protein consumption.

Vegan low FODMAP Protein Powder-Vanilla is the perfect blend of high-quality proteins, ideal for any time you need a quick energy charge, protein boost, or after a good workout. It s the perfect vegan option for a low FODMAP protein powder.

Each 30-gram serving of low FODMAP Protein Powder provides 21 grams of protein, 3 grams of carbohydrates, and 2 grams of fiber. This low FODMAP protein shake powder is naturally sweetened with Stevia and uses flavor systems free of MSG and other exotoxins.

Vegan low FODMAP Protein-Vanilla is a taste of the new generation of protein powders, formulated with the optimal nutritional qualities of plants to make great low FODMAP protein shakes. Order yours today

SUGGESTED USE Add 1 serving daily of low FODMAP Protein Powder to supplement the diet with additional protein or as directed by a healthcare professional. To make the best low FODMAP Protein Shakes, blend with a beverage high in carbohydrates and take between meals or before or after training. Do not use this low FODMAP Protein Powder as a meal replacement or exceed suggested use without the supervision of a healthcare professional. Check out Casa de Sante Low FODMAP Certified products for IBS, including seasoning mixes and more.



Stovetop Method

Microwave Method

Notes Instead of water you can use low FODMAP milk, or just stir in a splash of your favorite kind of milk or cream once it s cooked for a creamier texture.





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Customer reviews

Charly: No lechitin

I have a gut injury and supplement my 3 meals with two protein shakes daily. I have a host of gut allergies so Lechitin, soy or sunflower is an irritant and can cause weight loss for me. I follow low fodmap type diet. This product has helped me maintain my weight for over 2 months. I like how it thickens up on its own, the taste is perfect for me.

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