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Subscriber Account active since. While YouTube remains free for all to post and view videos, YouTube Premium allows you to watch those videos without ads. But that's just the start of the benefits of a Premium subscription. YouTube Premium does more than free you from sitting through ads that are sometimes as long as the video you want to watch. Here's what else you get with YouTube's streaming service:. YouTube Music offers a wide range of songs. To sign up for YouTube Premium, simply click on one of the many pop-up boxes for a free trial in YouTube on your computer or your phone. To use YouTube Music on your phone, download the app. You can click on the music icon from the YouTube app and you're automatically signed in and ready to go. Add your music preferences to start getting custom playlists.
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Well, I'd argue that it gives you the best version of the streaming service. And while I'm sure somebody's asking "Hey!
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Questions about YouTube paid content?

With YouTube Premium, you can watch millions of videos without interruptions by ads before and during a video, including video overlay ads. You will also not see third-party banner ads and search ads. You may still see branding or promotions embedded in the content by the creator and promotional links, shelves and features in and around the content that are added or enabled by the creator. These links, shelves and features could be for their website, merchandise, a membership to their channel, event tickets, or other related destinations they are promoting. You can download videos to watch offline using the YouTube or YouTube Music and watch auto-downloaded videos in the YouTube Kids app if these apps are available in your location and you're signed in with your YouTube Premium account. You can view your downloaded videos in the Library or Account tabs. To remove a downloaded video, tap Downloaded and select Remove. On certain mobile devices, videos and playlists will be downloaded only when your device is on a specific connection type - a Wi-Fi network is typically the default. To allow video downloads on your mobile network:. Some mobile network carriers provide access to unrestricted mobile data, which is data that does not count towards any quotas or limits.

Premium memberships available locations

Gone on a YouTube binge lately? Fallen down the rabbit-hole of celebrity interviews, cat compilations, or music videos from your favorite band? Did you know you can pay for all that? In this episode of Pricing Page Teardown, we dig into the components of YouTube Premium, the platform's attempt to monetize its massive user base. Though the product is fairly new, they've already got a handle on their core customer and their willingness to pay. However, we also see key areas where the company could localize, segment better, and increase its margins. Gen Z is also on the company's radar, soaking up YouTube and re-creating it in ways that even the founders might not have imagined. While significant payment data doesn't exist for users under 18, based on the content that these viewers are uploading — which in turn is inspiring many of YouTube's own original series — it's evident that these young viewers will remain critical players in the company's strategy. YouTube is the top service for entertainment streaming in the younger demographic. Thirty-four percent of Gen Z users prefer the platform to competitors like Netflix and traditional TV.

Well, I'd argue that it gives you the best version of the streaming service. And while I'm sure somebody's asking "Hey! YouTube is already free, why should I pay? Before you even think about the fee, realize this: Google offers a 1-month free trial for new users to kick the tires. So, let's dive into why you should sign up for YouTube Premium today.

Also, note that students don't pay full price just like on Spotify and Apple Music. If you're like me and the other billion-plus YouTube video watchers, you've come to rely on the service as a super-channel that provides an amazingly wide variety of content on your schedule. In my experience, it goes above and beyond that, offering incredibly well-targeted recommendations, a skill every other service tried, and failed, to impress me with. YouTube Premium, for those who missed the surprisingly small amount of promotion Google gave it, is a Google also throws in free upgrades to its music services as detailed below.

Most importantly, though, YouTube Premium allows you to watch all the YouTube you want, without ever seeing a single damn ad. This means no ads across all YouTube apps, including the ones for your SmartTV , set-top box and smartphone. I don't hate ads in a broad sense, but if there's an acceptable way to pay them away?

I'll do that just to never have to see a boring and uninspired Geico ad again. And without ads, YouTube sings with the strength of the greatest choir ever. You click on videos and they start. No pauses, no interruptions, no nothing. Just the videos you want. It should be that simple right? Oh and with YouTube Premium, ad-free actually means ad-free. What do I mean? With YouTube Premium, you won't deal with any annoying asterisks due to contractual agreements or whatever Hulu's excuse is.

And I'd know if YouTube Red had any similar loopholes or exemptions, as I watch hours upon hours of content on it every week. It's the perfect network for me, always providing enough content, and never ruining it with ads. Anyone who doesn't have an unlimited data plan or uses a commute that sends them on paths without cell reception knows that Save For Offline is one of the best phrases in technology. With YouTube Premium, you get a download icon below every video that you can tap to save the clip for later.

This way, you can keep a handful of your favorite music videos on hand for your next dance break, or do what I do, and save the video versions of your favorite podcasts at home so you're not limited to the audio only versions on the go. I didn't get YouTube Premium by subscribing to it, but instead through my existing subscription to Google Play Music, the least-buzzed-about Spotify competitor, which is just as good as the industry leader or Apple Music.

The Google Play Music library offers just as many songs as Spotify, plus it includes a cloud locker service, so MP3 collectors can access their rarities anywhere, with up to 50, uploads.

The service isn't limited to just songs, though, as Google Play Music's recently added podcasts, so you can pack all of your listening needs into a single app. When I'm using only my smartphone or my tablet, the odds always favor a notification popping up on my device that pulls me into my email, my Twitter mentions or my texts.

Without YouTube Premium, videos stop playing whenever I switched into a different app. This also comes in handy with mobile games with background music I'm not fond of, as I can mute the game and have sound from YouTube blasting instead. These and more artists produce original content that is exclusive to the paid tier of YouTube, which means you're not getting all of the laughs, surprises and action from these creators as possible. This part of YouTube Premium may be changing, though.

A Hollywood Reporter story credits a source familiar with YouTube's plans with news that the company "is expected to scale back its scripted output beginning in ," in conjunction with a push for ad-supported content. That YouTube Premium subscription isn't going to start itself.

If you're worried about spending money accidentally, set a reminder in your calendar app for one month from today. Have it say "is ad-free YouTube worth it? Tom's Guide. Topics Streaming. See all comments As it stands, its not worth the money.. Did I miss the one hundred twenty dollars per year every year?

This thing of supporting artists is necessary however it much can be done by targeting some of the billions Google makes off consumer data and just not expect all the time to pass the buck to the consumer. If watching ads generates revenue enough to create business, create profit and look after the artists, that's alright.

YouTube needs to be undermined on this issue. However, Dolphin browser still does. You're having a laugh right? It's time to abandon YouTube, maybe move over to SoundCloud I can't imagine this being worth it. As I never click on ads and watch maybe 10 minutes of Youtube per week.

That's limited to how to videos or reviews of products. Which I click on as a last resort. If I can't find it written. I hate having to watch some needlessly long video, made by an amateur who doesn't understand brevity and editing. When I could have skimmed through an article to get the info I need in less than a minute. Why on earth does this cost so much more in the UK? That is more than Netflix and a lot more than Amazon, maybe when they have the content to match I'll consider it.

How much are they paying you for this? None of these reasons are compelling enough to justify the price they're asking. Hell, a Netflix's subscription price hike is actually a more acceptable news than this. As far as I'm concerned, Youtube and Google just haven't proven enough beyond "ad-free" streaming to justify charging for it. Their definition of "premium" is as laughable as this article.

It's either in your budget or it isn't. I for one, love it. Some weeks I'm on a lot, others not so much. Still, it's nice whenever I watch or like to show someone something else, it's immediately there and I do not have to worry at all about commercials and ads. This article pertains to more or less the adults in the world. Kids are gonna read it and then say yeah but! So yeah, ignore those comments. Anyway, what I want to know is if there is an annual option? I pay annual subscriptions for most everything else, even Google One Storage, but cannot find such an option for YouTube Premium.

However most people have an ad-blocker engaged in their browser extensions so it really adds no benefit to the majority of users. Youtube premium allows you to download, there are video converters that already allow for this through simple copy and paste maneuvers.

Access to youtube premium music or google play music means absolutely nothing when you can just create playlists of music already. There is literally no benefit to youtube premium unless it is so you can see original content and literally most 'youtubers' offer nothing of value, Vsauce is an exception to that, but so much of his content on the regular tier is good I cannot justify paying for this series to myself not when I have more than enough of bills as it is.

If this content is really good enough it will be found for free on another streaming site eventually.? In addition to all of this , having a premium account does not even offer you free access to the apparent library of movies and episodes that youtube is hoarding, when in fact you can actually find these for free most of the time on youtube itself anyway. The whole thing is a mess, ridiculous and a waste of time on youtube's part and money on anyone dumb enough to fall for it.

This will eventually fail and fade away or rather should and one sincerely hopes it does.

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